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High Quality Database

The Hub Layer is a permissioned Blockchain. Therefore, all updates are required to be updated by validators. Anyone can be a Hub Layer validator, but updating the Hub Layer requires permissions. The Verse Layer needs a deposit, you can make multiple verses with a token, but we have a lock-up period & minimum amount for scam resilience. Of course, validation of all verse transactions is operated by famous game companies or crypto natives.

Oasys can use

  • Hub Layer - Data availability Layer
  • Verse Layer - Execution Layer

With a stable network and network scalability to be controlled by Game builders, Oasys is the best state machine that can show extreme performance with Blockchain technology. Verse builders don't need to stress about bot transactions or scams that could harm your network.

Efficient loading

While constructing a Verse, verse operators can build a Verse read server that can read Verse transactions worldwide. The Read server's scalability is unlimited. You can scale the reading capability by making Verse replica nodes