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Reward / Commission

How block reward is made

Block Reward have two different details.

  1. Gas used on Block Gas used on Block means if you are a Validator and you have created Block, you will receive a gas fee used on Block. For example, if 50OAS used gas fee on Block, you would receive approx 50OAS(Subject to EIP-1559 Standard). Therefore, the Validator operator receives a gas fee on Block.

  2. Validation Reward(Operation Reward) Since Gas used on Block can not stimulate the ecosystem and motivate validators to secure our network, we have a reward for validators who participated in each epoch. In addition, Delegator and Validator Owner receive a reward. Validation Reward(Operation Reward) is calculated at the end of each epoch, and you can see a timer in the Oasys Staking.

Staking Reward & Commission

Staking reward is to stimulate user staking and reward for contributing stabilisation in a network.

staking rewardStaking commission
ReceiverDelegatorValidator Owner
DetailsReceives amount after paying interest to Validator ownerReceives commission for operating nodes

A reward is calculated daily basis.


Low-performance Validators make the network unstable, so we made temporary jail for validators who are on low performance. If a validator doesn't make successful block sealing for a day, we exclude it from the POS system and change it to Jailed status. While Jailed status, the validator can't receive a Validation Reward(Operation Reward) for one epoch(approx one day). On the Current status, without the Low-performance ban, you can claim a Validation Reward(Operation Reward) of approx 10% APY for validating on Oasys.


  • Operation ratio is bad on epoch 20,
  • Jail since : 21
  • Jail Until : 22

Validator can not claim or participate validator for approx 2 days.