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Original Optimistic Rollup



Original Optimistic Rollup can scale Ethereum transactions to a high speed.


Optimism Virtual Machine is a Scalability solution on Ethereum. It's EVM contains multiple states on optimism.

OVM programs define assumptions which, based on local information, determines what Ethereum states are possible. This can be expressed as a function satisfies_assumptions(assumptions, ethereum_state, local_information) => true/false. If satisfies_assumptions(...) returns true then the ethereum_state is possible based on these particular assumptions, and our local_information.

In many L2 solutions, this takes the form of a “dispute liveness assumption.” For example, participants in a channel assume that they will dispute any malicious withdrawal. So, we return false for any Ethereum state which contains a malicious, undisputed withdrawal.

Sources: "Introducing the OVM" - Optimism Medium, "OVM Deep Dive" - Optimism Medium