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Singularity Payments Smoothes In-Game Payments on Oasys

Singularity is an SDK that improves the payment UX and reduces implementation time for games developed on Oasys.

What you can achieve with Singularity Payments

When purchasing in-game items (including NFT and Fungible Tokens), press the purchase button “Buy” and the payment function "Drawer" will be displayed.

press the purchase button “Buy” the payment function (Drawer) will be displayed

Users can pay with their own tokens even if they do not have game-specific tokens. Singularity achieves this by utilizing Tealswap, a DEX on Oasys.

  • Displays credit/debit card payment options.

  • Displays a list of tokens held by the user as payment options.

    • The Fungible tokens displayed can be changed in the settings.
    • If the balance is insufficient for the purchase amount, it will be displayed in gray.

    (Sample screens by Tealswap)

Improved game UX

The UX is improved because users do not need to have a specific game token ready and can make payments without leaving the game screen.

Benefits for game developers

  • By introducing the SDK, you can reduce the amount of time required to develop and implement payment functions.
  • By making it easier for users to purchase items in-game, this improves the UX and encourages in-game token circulation.
    • A wide variety of other gaming tokens on Oasys can be used for payments in your game.
    • Payment can also be made using tokens on networks other than Oasys, such as Ethereum(It is necessary to set the token used for payment).

More information

If you require further information, please contact the Singularity team. They can support your implementation.