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Geth IPC-Server

IPC is normally available for use in local environments where the node and the console exist on the same machine. Geth creates a pipe in the computers local file system (at ipcpath) that configures a connection between node and console. The geth.ipc file can also be used by other processes on the same machine to interact with Geth.

On UNIX-based systems (Linux, OSX) the IPC is a UNIX domain socket. On Windows IPC is provided using named pipes. The IPC server is enabled by default and has access to all JSON-RPC namespaces.

HTTP based JSON-RPC API options - Ipc:

  • -ipcapi : API's offered over the IPC-RPC interface (default: admin,debug,eth,miner,net,personal,txpool,web3)
  • -ipcpath : Filename for IPC socket/pipe within the datadir (explicit paths escape it)
  • -ipcdiable : Disable the IPC-RPC server

The listening socket is placed into the data directory by default. On Linux and macOS, the default location of the geth socket is


On Windows, IPC is provided via named pipes. The default location of the geth pipe is:


The location of the socket can be customized using the --ipcpath flag. IPC can be disabled using the --ipcdisable flag.