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Dino Runner Top Banner

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple browser game using blockchain functionality on HOME verse or any other Oasys sub-verse that you have access to.

We created Dino Runner as an example project and will look at important parts of the code that is publicly available here on GitHub to gain a better understanding of how to create a blockchain game and connect it to the Oasys network.

Dino Runner is a simple endless runner created with Phaser 3, which allows you to use the image data from your NFTs as the playable character, obstacle or background elements. NFT image data can be loaded from Homeverse, Ethereum or Polygon.

Dino Runner NFT usage example

We will only briefly cover the gameplay implementation with Phaser and will mostly focus on explaining blockchain and NFT related functionality such as setting up a connection to a browser wallet and fetching NFT image data in this tutorial.

Playble build of the game

Game Github repository

Smart Contract Github repository