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3-3. Blockchain Suitable for DeFi or Games

Given the above characteristics, DeFi and games require different functionalities of a blockchain. Suitable for DeFi and Games

Blockchain Suitable for DeFi

Since DeFi Applications lock up funds, a high level of security is of the utmost importance. Therefore, decentralization and data availability are prioritized, and network stability and transaction speed are less important due to low transaction volume. At this point, Ethereum is a promising blockchain for DeFi, even if gas fees are high.

Blockchain Suitable for Games

Currently, some of the newest blockchains take advantage of low gas fees and high transaction speeds. Transaction speed often slows down or doesn’t stay stable when transactions are concentrated. Therefore, those blockchains are not appropriate for games with a large number of transactions. There are several ways to keep networks running stable, such as making block time longer, raising gas, making block sizes smaller, and restricting the number of nodes. Still, none of these are essential solutions because they fail decentralization or cause high gas fees. For blockchain games to reach mass adoption, they need to be user-friendly with a transaction speed as fast as an off-chain server and zero gas fees, so users will feel like they’re not even using blockchain technology.