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FT / NFT Design

Highly Flexible Token Design

Fungible Tokens (FT) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are essential assets for tokenomics in the ecosystem. Oasys' unique layer structure allows three types of token designs for FT and NFT. Token Design

1. vFT/vNFT, Restrictive-Use Tokens

vFT/vNFT can be minted on the Verse-Layer. The token can only be used with certain Verse-Layers. This type of FTs (e.g. in-game currency) and NFTs (e.g. IP) can not be cross-chain bridged.

2. oFT/oNFT, Highly Interoperable Tokens

oFT/oNFT can be minted on the Hub-Layer. The token is interoperable and is available on all Verse-Layers. Also, it can be sent to another network such as Ethereum by a cross-chain bridge.

3. exFT/exNFT, Minted in External Network Tokens

exFT/exNFT is a token minted on a network outside of Oasys. They are available on Oasys' Hub-Layer and Verse-Layer via cross-chain bridges.

Cross-Chain Bridge for FT / NFT

FT/NFT bridges are available: vFT and exFT for FT; and vNFT and exNFT for NFT.