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Verse-Layer Hardware Requirements

These are standard requirements, but of course, they can vary depending on the expected amount of on-chain activity on your Verse. We highly recommend you to start your Verse with the provided specifications, and then adjust them as needed, based on usage.

CPU4 Core / 2/5GHz / x86_64

Please note that a blockchain cannot be horizontally scaled (you cannot create redundant infrastructure by creating multiple nodes). A blockchain node must be standalone (although read-only nodes can be created).

In terms of CPU, the consensus-making workload is computation-intensive. However, this is a sequential task, so simply increasing the number of cores will not solve the problem. The only solution is to use a CPU with a higher single-core performance.

Verse generally uses more CPU power. Using a CPU with a higher frequency can increase the Verse transaction processing speed, especially when dealing with a large number of pending transactions.

Firewall Settings

  • TCP port 8545 allowed (for RPC)
  • TCP/UDP port 4101 allowed (for Verse Verifier)

RPC Settings

  • Secure Domain to set RPC_URL (e.g.

  • After building Verse, set RPC_URL to Verse IPaddress by DNS (e.g.

Explore Settings

  • Secure Domain to set EXPLORER_URL (e.g.
  • After building Verse explorer, set EXPLORER_URL to Verse explorer IPaddress by DNS (e.g.

ChainId Register

It is recommended to secure the chainId with EVM-based Chains beforehand.

e.g. Register oasys mainnet chainId