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Verse-Layer Hardware Requirements

These are standard requirements, but of course, they can vary depending on the expected amount of on-chain activity on your Verse. We highly recommend you to start your Verse with the provided specifications, and then adjust them as needed, based on usage.

CPU4 Core / 2/5GHz / x86_64

Please note that a blockchain cannot be horizontally scaled (you cannot create redundant infrastructure by creating multiple nodes). A blockchain node must be standalone (although read-only nodes can be created).

In terms of CPU, the consensus-making workload is computation-intensive. However, this is a sequential task, so simply increasing the number of cores will not solve the problem. The only solution is to use a CPU with a higher single-core performance.

Verse generally uses more CPU power. Using a CPU with a higher frequency can increase the Verse transaction processing speed, especially when dealing with a large number of pending transactions.

Firewall Settings

  • TCP port 8545 allowed (for RPC)
  • TCP/UDP port 4101 allowed (for Verse Verifier)

RPC Settings

  • Secure Domain to set RPC_URL (e.g.

  • After building Verse, set RPC_URL to Verse IPaddress by DNS (e.g.

Explore Settings

  • Secure Domain to set EXPLORER_URL (e.g.
  • After building Verse explorer, set EXPLORER_URL to Verse explorer IPaddress by DNS (e.g.

Registering Your Verse ChainId on Chainlist

To ensure global uniqueness, it's crucial that your Verse's ChainId is distinct. Verify its uniqueness by consulting Chainlist, a platform that facilitates the addition of new chains for users. We strongly recommend that all Verse instances be registered on Chainlist to maintain a globally unique ChainId.

Example of Oasys Mainnet Registration:

Procedure for adding Chainlist

  1. Navigate onto Chainlist GitHub.
  2. Fork the repo, add _data/chains/eip155-your_verse_chain_no.json & _data/icons/your_chain_name.json.
  3. Submit a pull request.
    • Before submitting a pull request, please ensure that you follow the guidelines in the README on Chainlist's GitHub and execute checks such as './gradlew run' and 'npx prettier'. If these checks are not successful, your pull request will not be approved.


On your_verse_chain_no, you need to add a chain number not taken from other chain numbers.

Here is an example.

"name": "Oasys Mainnet",
"chain": "Oasys", // Your chain
"icon": "oasys", // Icon for your_chain_name.json
"rpc": [""], // RPC address
"faucets": [],
"nativeCurrency": {
"name": "OAS", // Your Verse Currency name. If it does not have a currency, the default is OAS.
"symbol": "OAS", // Your symbol
"decimals": 18 // 18 Decimal is default on Oasys.
"infoURL": "", // URL of your landing page.
"shortName": "OAS",
"chainId": 248, // Your chain ID
"networkid": 248, // Your Network ID (you can select same as chain ID)
"explorers": [
"name": "blockscout",
"url": "", // URL of your explorer.
"standard": "EIP3091" // Default is EIP3091


On your_chain_name, you need to add a chain name.

On the icons directory, you can add icon using the ipfs path.

"url": "", // Your IPFS path of logo.
"width": 3600, // IPFS icon's width in pixels.
"height": 3600, // IPFS icon's height in pixels.
"format": "png" // IPFS icon's format.

Procedure for adding extra RPCs to

If you would like to display additional extra RPCs for, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate onto DefiLlama/chainlist GitHub.
  2. Fork the repo, edit constants/extraRpcs.js.
  3. Submit a pull request.


When adding new entries, append the key and object to the end of the "extraRpcs" object.
Just list the RPC URL strings in the 'rpcs' array. If you want to set a privacy statement, list it as an object.
Here is an example.

export const extraRpcs = {
248: {
rpcs: [
url: "",
tracking: "limited",
trackingDetails: privacyStatement.blockpi,
url: "",
tracking: "none",
trackingDetails: privacyStatement.pokt
url: "",
tracking: "none",
trackingDetails: privacyStatement.pokt

(The icon images displayed on are managed by DefiLlama, so if you would like to change your icon image, please contact DefiLlama.)