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Upgrade Verse

Check latest container version

You can check the latest container version at oasys-optimism packages.

Check L2 container version

To check the L2 container version, refer to docker-compose.yml in verse-layer-optimism repository.

x-l2geth: &l2geth
image: # <- l2geth container version
entrypoint: /bin/sh /assets/l2geth/

<<: *common
image: # <- L2 data-transport-layer container version
entrypoint: /bin/sh /assets/data-transport-layer/

<<: *common
image: # <- L2 batch-submitter container version

<<: *common
image: # <- L2 message-relayer container version

Upgrade L2 container version


Verse Service Maintenance To upgrade the L2 container version, it's essential to stop the L2 containers. Please note that stopping the l2geth container will halt the Verse service. However, stopping containers other than l2geth will not affect the Verse service. Before upgrading the l2geth container, kindly inform Verse users about the scheduled maintenance!

Backup l2geth data

When you stop l2geth or data-transport-layer container, ensure you back up the data.

To upgrade the L2 container version, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the L2 containers:
# Stop data-transport-layer
$ docker-compose stop data-transport-layer && docker-compose rm data-transport-layer

# Stop l2geth
$ docker-compose stop l2geth && docker-compose rm l2geth

# Stop batch-submitter
$ docker-compose stop batch-submitter && docker-compose rm batch-submitter

# Stop message-relayer
$ docker-compose stop message-relayer && docker-compose rm message-relayer
  1. Backup data(only l2geth or data-transport-layer upgrade): Before backup, ensure instance disk has enough space.
# Check L2_DATA_DIR size
$ du -sh ./"<L2_DATA_DIR>" # Default L2_DATA_DIR is ./data/

# Backup L2_DATA_DIR
$ $DATE=date +"%Y-%m-%d"
$ cp ./"<L2_DATA_DIR>" ./"<L2_DATA_DIR>-$DATE" # Default L2_DATA_DIR is ./data/
  1. Update the container version in docker-compose.yml.

  2. Start the L2 containers:

# Start data-transport-layer
$ docker-compose up -d data-transport-layer

# Start l2geth
$ docker-compose up -d l2geth

# Start batch-submitter
$ docker-compose up -d batch-submitter

# Start message-relayer
$ docker-compose up -d message-relayer