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High Performance and Stability

The Gamefi market continues to grow. We are at the stage of targeting mass adoption, but there are many technical barriers. The most significant issue is network congestion.

Congestion on the network causes transaction delays and gas spikes, degrading the user experience. Numerous L2 chains appear to stimulate the market in order to overcome these challenges, but if many items flow into their chains, they would soon face similar issues.

In the case of complete permissionless chains, transactions like arbitrage degrade network stability, which in turn impairs UX requirements.

When it comes to transaction speed, fifteen seconds is really stressful when playing a game. Even a transaction taking one second is too long and frustrating for the majority who enjoy mobile, PC, and other types of games. Transaction speeds must be as fast as Web2 products and services.

Oasys addresses these issues by utilizing its unique multi-layer architecture. The Layer 2 of the blockchain handles most transactions. It has a transaction rate of over 1500 transactions per second and may be organically and parallelly connected, allowing it to expand in a variety of ways.